Hi, I'm Symon

Welcome to my personal blog.

I write about anything that I find interesting — real estate, personal finance, the latest books I’ve read, the latest experiment I’m running, what’s keeping me up at night. 

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Other Topics I also enjoy exploring

Life's (Mis)Adventures

An explorations of the pauses, the other choices and routes, and the unexpected circumstances that many of us often find ourselves in.

Thinking Tools

Looking at the tools and processes of the great thinkers and doers, from famous to little known, and how we could adopt these tools in our own lives.

Numbers & Analysis

Sometimes I like to geek out on math and spreadsheets. Could be about real estate, investing, the economics of opening a brick & mortar, or something random.

Personal Flourishing

Sharing ideas I've come across from the most recent books I've read, both fiction and non-fiction, with a leaning towards classic literature and philosophy.