Biggest Timewaster for Landlords

Biggest Timewasters for Landlords

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This article is written by guest writer Kate Mallison. Kate is a real estate investor who works for Tellus, a real estate tech platform helping landlords and property managers save time through effortless automation. Biggest Timewasters…

The Best and Worst Rental Markets in the U.S.

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Using the latest Home Values and Rental data from Zillow (as of December 31, 2018), I've ranked 171 U.S. cities based on their average gross rental yields, which measures the relationship between the gross rent and the value of rental properties. If…

One Simple Metric for Evaluating Rental Income Properties

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While there are many factors to consider when finding, evaluating, and ultimately buying a rental income property, there is one simple metric that all investors can use to quickly compare across investment opportunities and narrow down their…