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Pay Off Your New Mortgage in Half the Time

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Do you want to pay off your mortgage early? A full 15 or even 20 years early? Of course you do! And there’s only ONE way to do it—you have to put EXTRA payments towards the principle that you owe. The more you do that, the faster…

The Latte Factor: When (Not) To Care About It

Ever since best-selling author David Bach first popularized the Latte Factor, a simple concept to show how shifting regular amounts of "unnecessary" spending towards spending could add up to big sums over the long run, the idea has been met…

Why The Internal Rate of Return Can Be Misleading

The use of the internal rate of return (IRR) as an investment metric is ubiquitous in the world of investment analysis. In real estate investment analysis, it's no different. However, it should never be used in isolation when making an investment…

Top International Real Estate Websites

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While in the U.S. we have many options including Zillow, Trulia, and RedfIn for gathering market data for our quick and dirty back of the envelope analysis, that's not the case in most other markets. So I asked my students (over 120K from…
commercial lease

Avoidable Mistakes When Signing a New Lease for Your Business

Meet Josh, Amy, and Michael. They all just recently signed a new commercial lease for their respective businesses, and they all end up with major headaches that they each could have easily prevented. Let's look at three common mistakes…

The Best and Worst Rental Markets in the U.S.

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Using the latest Home Values and Rental data from Zillow (as of December 31, 2018), I've ranked 171 U.S. cities based on their average gross rental yields, which measures the relationship between the gross rent and the value of rental properties. If…