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After repair value (ARV) vs rehab budget – which is more important to estimate accurately?

In an ideal world, you’ll estimate your after repair value (i.e. what the property can sell for after all repairs and renovations are completed) and your rehab budget with pinpoint accuracy. But in practice, it can sometimes be difficult to accurately assess either one. So if you could only ensure accuracy for one, which should […]


Major Real Estate Trends to Follow

Major trends in demographics, technology, and environmental factors could set the path for seismic shifts in real estate. What are these trends that all real estate investors should keep in mind? Real Estate Trend #1: Increased urbanization Practically all demographic and population forecasts show that a future net influx into urban markets, leading to many […]


Eight Wrong Reasons to Start a Restaurant

There are a few good reasons and many wrong reasons to start a new restaurant business. If you’re thinking about starting a new restaurant and at least one of these applies to you, you may want to rethink yourself! Wrong Reason to Start a Restaurant #1: I want to get rich (fast)! There’s a reason […]


Why Think in Terms of Funnels?

(This article is co-written with Evan Kimbrell and will introduce you to a basic marketing concept that you can use as a handy lens for understanding your financial models. ) What are funnels? Yes funnels, like you “funnel” something into your mouth, or you funnel money out of your ex-husband or wife’s business – called […]


How much life do we have left?

Pause. Take a moment to go back in time when you were a child. How did the passage of time feel in childhood compared to now? If you’re like me, time seemed to move at a crawl in childhood compared to the speedy blur in adulthood. Why did an hour feel like an eternity then […]