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Are Real Estate Cycles Predictable? Sort of.

Could we have predicted the housing crash of 2008? And with some degree of accuracy? Sort of. But to understand what happened, we have to go way back to the late 1800s, when a man by the name of Henry George first noticed a very peculiar yet seemingly consistent 18-year cycle through which real estate […]


To buy profitably, you must value accurately.

There’s a saying in real estate that says, “You make your profits when you “buy,” not when you “sell” the property.” But to buy profitably, you must value accurately. To do that, we have three valuation approaches to explore. The cost approach to valuing property The cost approach to valuation makes a simple assumption: that […]

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Are you leaving money on the table?

This article is written by guest writer Kate Mallison. Kate is a real estate investor who works for Tellus, a real estate tech platform helping landlords and property managers save time through effortless automation. The 3 most ignored profit opportunities for landlords As a landlord, you know cash doesn’t just come from the couch cushions. […]


Three Primary Investment Strategies in Real Estate

No one strategy is better or worse, just more or less fitting for different investors with different goals and risk tolerances. These are Core, Opportunistic, and Value-Added. Core for the conservative investment An example of core investing is buying a recently built, new single-family home that already has a tenant renting from it, in a […]

Direct vs. indirect investing in real estate

When we speak of real estate investing, we’re typically referring to directly investing. That is when you have direct ownership of a property. If you went and bought a property on your own or if you partnered with friends and purchased a property under your partnership, that’s direct investing. Indirect investing involves buying shares in a real […]