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What is Wholesaling? And Why is it so Appealing?

Wholesaling in real estate is when an ‘investor’ takes property under contract at a certain price and then assigns it to another investor buyer before closing at a higher price, thereby making a profit on the price arbitrage. I put the quotations around the word ‘investor’ since it’s debatable whether a wholesaler is genuinely an […]


The Latte Factor: When (Not) To Care About It

Ever since best-selling author David Bach first popularized the Latte Factor, a simple concept to show how shifting regular amounts of “unnecessary” spending towards spending could add up to big sums over the long run, the idea has been met with both praise and criticism. The arguments on both sides seem to take one of […]

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Top International Real Estate Websites

While in the U.S. we have many options including Zillow, Trulia, and RedfIn for gathering market data for our quick and dirty back of the envelope analysis, that’s not the case in most other markets. So I asked my students (over 120K from 198 countries), what their top recommended real estate websites are for their […]